New Year’s news

Stonehouse Milk latest twins and Dennis cows
Margaret the very cuddly cow had a calf this week, he is as friendly as his mum. We have named him Dennis.

Dinky, Muffin, Willow and Dahlia were weaned off milk over Christmas and this week they graduated to the heifer shed with the 6 month and below calves, they’re all special but I do have a few favourites in here and they do love a fuss.

Last week we bought some new cows from Staffordshire and Cheshire. We only moved to the farm March 2021 so we are still building our numbers. One of the new ladies only had one eye which doesn’t seem to affect her. We are currently arguing about what to call her, I’m going with Gabrielle but the boys are keen on female pirate names.

We have also bought our first Brown Swiss cow she is already named Diana. She is big and beautiful, they really are a beautiful breed.

We now have 2 sets of shorthorn twins, as with human multiple births twins often need a little more care. So we pop them in cosy calf coats and watch them even more closely that the single calves.

Our latest twins and Dennis.

The older twins.