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Our cows

Our milking herd compromises of 100 cows, comprising of UK bred Dairy Shorthorns with a few other breeds such as Brown Swiss (Diana) and Friesians. We are passionate about our cows and their health and happiness. The cows can be seen happily grazing in the fields around Stonehouse and Standish.

The Shorthorn breed of cattle, known for its excellent milk quality, temperament and longevity, which we know today, has evolved over the last two centuries, from Teeswater and Durham cattle found originally in the North East of England.

Our farm

We the Percival family, moved to Horsemarling Farm, situated on the edge of Stonehouse in Gloucestershire, from Kings Stanley in March 2021. We are passionate about producing and supplying ethically sourced free range milk to our local community.

We farm as a family of five, John, Jenny and our three adventurous boys.

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Our community

We are passionate about producing and supplying ethically sourced milk to our local community.

We aim to:

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Our milk

We sell our fresh free range milk through a self service milk vending machine (the first in the local area) on our farm in branded glass bottles, or you are welcome to bring your own vessel. You can clean and reuse our bottles or your own when making future purchases.

We will also be offering a range of yummy flavoured milkshake shots.

Stonehouse Milk branded bottles in hay with calf
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Milk bearing the Pasture Promise label is backed up by NSF certification, a food standards label that will guarantee the cows have indeed been grazing outdoors for 180 days, that they are in yard for an hour before and after milking, that they graze within 400 metres of water and that no male calves have been euthanised, an industry practice that fuels the fire of anti-dairy campaigners.