Stonehouse Milk

World Milk Day – 1st June 2024

The world first “raised a glass” to World Milk Day in 2001. Since then this annual event has swelled to more than 40 countries, and

New cheese in the vending machine

New cheese in the vending machine Godsells Cheese Cockadilli chilli paired with one of Selsley Foods preserves or have you tried a piece of Godsells

Happy ducks!

Our happy ducks are enjoying their new pond under the Quince tree…

Happy Birthday Harvey!

Happy 16th birthday to Harvey, he has spent his Birthday in the sun grazing and snoozing with the occasional carrot treat.

Foodie Awards Finalist 2024

We are very excited to announce that we have been selected as Finalists for the Foodie Awards 2024, along with some other local small dairy