Stonehouse Milk

Meet Pumpkin, our re-homed cat!

We have re-homed a feral cat who is very nervous, he seems to have taken a liking to the area around the vending shed. Please

We welcomed the Standish Wood Chase

We hosted the Stroud Athletics Club Standish Wood Chase, a 10 mile varied terrain race with 130 runners. On The Hoof served drinks and Salt

Treat Tuesday just got bigger!

Armadeli will be joining us with a selection of cheeses and also some of the The Cotswold Grocer’s fruit and vegetables. Note: There will be

First silage cut

After a tricky and expensive winter, with very little of our own silage to feed the cows due to the drought, we were relieved to

New stock in the vending machine

We’ve got some Quicke’s Mature Cloth Bound Cheddar, Miller’s Damsel Gluten-free Charcoal Square Crackers, Miller’s Damsel Buttermilk Wafers, Cornish Charcuterie Duck Liver Pate and Cornish