World Milk Day – 1st June 2024

The world first “raised a glass” to World Milk Day in 2001. Since then this annual event has swelled to more than 40 countries, and continues to grow. All aspects of milk are celebrated in different ways. But there is one common theme: the potency of milk and the milk industry. Milk is one of the most widely produced and valuable agricultural commodities on the planet. Containing a powerful mixture of essential nutrients, it fuels food security, nutrition and economic

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Produce Vending Machine

New caramel sauce & coffee in the vending machine

Fresh produce in the vending machine. New from Selsley Foods salted Caramel sauce. A new coffee from Golden Sheep Coffee, Bolivia El Arcangle coarse ground. Bisley Farm free range meats Gloucester Pork Patties, Lean Beef Mince and Dry Cured Back Bacon. R&R Delights Ltd Chocolate Chip Brownie, Salted Caramel Brownie, Chocolate Orange Brownie, Biscoff Cookie Cup and Mars Bar Rocky Road. #shoplocal #instroud #milkvendingmachine #freerangemeat

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Produce Vending Machine

New cheese in the vending machine

New cheese in the vending machine Godsells Cheese Cockadilli chilli paired with one of Selsley Foods preserves or have you tried a piece of Godsells Cheese with a drizzle of Howlett Honeybees Honey? #instroud #shoplocal #milkvendingmachine

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Andrew Baker
7 June 2024
Lovely place.Great sitting area whilst waiting. The milk is better than the shops.
Andy Briggs
6 June 2024
It's great to be in an area where I can get great milk often and very easily. The price is amazing, and it's so local. I think the milk travels less than a few hundred yards to its point of sale!
Jane dunlevy
2 June 2024
Scott Freemantle
23 May 2024
The milkshakes are amazing!
catherine edwards
20 May 2024
Wilfried Biermann
12 April 2024
Frische Kuhmilch,super
Barry Ryan
25 March 2024
Best milk around fresh everyday and lovely, friendly ppl always willing to help.
Burhaan Babar
6 March 2024
Rachel Joyce-Gibbons
20 February 2024
Delicious milk, a real treat!
20 January 2024
Very easy to use machine takes cash or card. Milk is very nice and creamy. Plenty of other local produce also available