Calf spam ❤️!

These are some of the calves by the milk vending shed. If you look back through Facebook you will see some pictures of them as hot off the press calves in June, August and September. In order of appearance (top to bottom). Daisy trying to give kisses. BFF she’s so cuddly 😍 Colette and Boe Frodo the Hobbit calf Frodo and Victor Nap time down by the vending shed Nora, daughter of Dora. Very like her mother and likes to

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Happy 1st Birthday Tim

Happy 1st birthday to our wonky calf, Tim. He maybe small in stature but he makes up for it in character. He will be spending his birthday grazing in the garden, every garden needs a fluffy white lawn mower with attitude!

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Gorgeous Tim!

Tim has moved to his new stable today, living the life of luxury! Precious and her team have moved from alongside the vending shed to a bigger building. We will be moving some smaller girls into the pen once it’s cleaned out. Tim is our special calf. He is 1 this month but the size of a 4 month old, he was born tiny and with wonky front legs, one is still wonky. He’s our pet 🐮❤️

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Stonehouse Milk LEAF Open Farm Sunday. Fresh, local, free range milk.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday

Tomorrow is LEAF Open Farm Sunday on many farms in the UK including us at Stonehouse Milk aka Horsemarling Farm. We are a family farm, founded by us, John and Jenny in March 2021, we do not have a team of staff, it’s just us and our 3 boys. We are often joined by a retired gentleman who gives us his time and knowledge and Dan who milks a couple of times a week with us. Tomorrow the milk shake

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Stonehouse Milk latest twins and Dennis cows

New Year’s news

Margaret the very cuddly cow had a calf this week, he is as friendly as his mum. We have named him Dennis. Dinky, Muffin, Willow and Dahlia were weaned off milk over Christmas and this week they graduated to the heifer shed with the 6 month and below calves, they’re all special but I do have a few favourites in here and they do love a fuss. Last week we bought some new cows from Staffordshire and Cheshire. We only

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