Stonehouse Milk new benches. Fresh, local, free range milk.

New benches

We now have some lovely wooden benches. Take a minute to sit down and listen to the birds, whilst enjoying our milk, a milkshake, a coffee or a cake (when our lovely suppliers are on site). Hopefully there will be some breaks in the weather.

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We love our trees

One of the things we love most on the farm are the trees. There are some very old oak trees here. When we look at them we realise that we as farmers are only a very short part of the story of the farm.

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Wildlife hedge planted

Last week we had Chris the Wildlife Gardener plant a hedge supplied by FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group). The hedge plants chosen are intended to support wildlife on the farm. FWAG have visited us several times and are advising and supporting us in our plans to improve the farm for wildlife.

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