Supporting Whitminster Primary School’s library project

The new charity for this quarter is Whitminster Primary School library project. 5p from every litre of milk sold through the vending machine over February, March and April will go to Whitminster primary school. The previous charity was DEBRA the butterfly skin charity. Our milk customers raised £300 which will go towards helping to find a cure for this extremely painful genetic skin blistering condition EB. Thank you!

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Stonehouse Milk Cashes Green Primary School logo.

£346 raised for Cashes Green Primary School and Children’s Centre

We are excited to tell you that the Stonehouse milk customers have raised £346 over August, September and October for Cashes Green Primary School and Children’s Centre. 5p of every litre sold from the vending machine goes to a chosen charity. The new charity is DEBRA the butterfly skin charity. DEBRA is the national charity and patient support group for people living with Epidermolysis Bullosa, the rare, extremely painful, genetic skin blistering condition. EB causes skin to become fragile blister

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